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  • Ganadors Concurso Romanico Esencia 2016
  • 1921

    1921 Bellaguarda

    Our premium olive oil. Paying homage to the year in which the company was founded, 1921 Bellaguarda is a superior-quality single-variety oil based on an early harvest, which provides Arbequina olives whose lower content in oil leads to an even more intense flavour. That is why 1921 Bellaguarda is an oil with very exclusive sensory characteristics aimed at the most refined palates, from top restaurants to gourmet shops.

  • les-trilles

    Les Trilles

    Les TrillesLes Trilles The name “Les Trilles” comes from the ruts that the carts loaded with olives left on their way along the muddy tracks after a long, hard day of harvesting. Les Trilles is an oil combining the legacy of generations connected with the land and its fruit, as well as traditional know-how, preserving the care and respect for the quality of its oil.

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Bellaguarda Oils

Artisans in Arbequina oil since 1921

More than 90 years cultivating the same fruit, the Arbequina olive, and extracting its juice guarantee Olis Bellaguarda’s expertise and the quality of its single-variety oil, highly appreciated for its great aromatic intensity.