Vocation and knowledge at the service of the Arbequina olive

The expertise that has been passed down through the generations, the experience of a life devoted to growing Arbequina olives and obtaining its oil and a career closely linked to Olis Bellaguarda are the distinctive features of the team of people who take care of our olives and manufacture our oils. The entire process is guaranteed by the supervision of a team of experienced, prestigious professionals in the world of oil, born and trained in the oil producing tradition of Les Garrigues and familiar with all the secrets of the Arbequina olive.

A consolidated team in which, without a doubt, the person responsible for quality, Marcel Vidal, a member of the Panel of Tasters of Catalonia and recognised as the second-best oil taster in Spain according to Oleo Cata Xaoen, is worthy of particular mention. An exceptional team, that places its effort, wisdom and experience at the service of Olis Bellaguarda's philosophy of quality, can only obtain exceptional results: an extraordinary quality olive oil.