Artisans in Arbequina oil since 1921

More than 90 years cultivating the same fruit, the Arbequina olive, and extracting its juice guarantee Olis Bellaguarda's expertise and the quality of its single-variety oil, highly appreciated for its great aromatic intensity.

Originally founded as Camp de Bellaguarda, Olis Bellaguarda is a company with 60 producers, the heir to an olive-growing tradition of three generations of farmers with deep roots in this land, who have known how to get the most from their olives, grown in this wonderful setting. The geographical situation of the municipality of Bellaguarda (Lleida), with its dry land characteristic of a certain altitude, provides the ideal conditions for growing Arbequina olives, giving the oil its own character and an intense, fruity aroma.

The company's small production, 250,000 kg of olive oil a year, means that we can take meticulous care throughout the entire process and focus on quality. This is backed by the remarkable number of awards obtained since 2004, when Olis Bellaguarda decided to have the quality of its oils assessed in national and international tasting competitions. Since its beginnings, Olis Bellaguarda has followed an environmentally-friendly growing model respecting human health which, since 2001, has been certified by the seal of Integrated Production.